Friday, 9 July 2010

Madonna comments

In the first video Madonna is fairly young in her video and is trying to attract the audience by relating to them. There is a narrative in the video and a lot of the camerawork is focused on her. This is to show the audience who she is as she is a relatively new artist.

In the second video it was very Gothic and she tried to reinvent a new look. There was no narrative in this one and it was very random. All of the video was focused on her to remind people that she is still around.

In the third video she did a collaboration with Justin Timberlake to try and keep current with the new generation.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Shot List and Editing

direct gaze/ close up

As the song we have chosen does not have much of a narrative, we have chosen to focus the music video around the two artists. We are going to use a selection of different shot types to help do this. Most music videos of the genre we have chosen (grime, hip-hop, drum&bass) do not have a narrative so they use others ways to help sell the artist. For example; direct gaze and close ups.

We will use illustrative visuals and music when editing so that the scenes cut to the songs beat and tempo.

An example of some of the shot types we will use in our music video:
  • high angle
  • establishing shot
  • extreme close up
  • close up
  • mid shot
  • tilted angle
  • handheld shot.

Location List

Long Road Sixth Form College:

Reception Area - Elevator

Reception Area - Main Hall Staircase



Dark Room

Class Room

Costume List

We have chosen to remake a music video to the song Pass out by Tinie Tempah. As the song does not have much of a narrative, we have chosen to focus it around the artist. We will use costumes similar to the ones used in the original video as it helps to identify the genre of the song, which is a mixture of grime, hip-hop and drum and bass.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Music intro pitch

  • Start with lift shot - opening sequence
  • Move on to stairs in main reception for chorus
  • Cut to random areas/(dark sort of places) in college
  • Green screen the last section (drum n bass) people jumping about and raving out
  • Mainly own wardrobe/trendy clothes
  • Accessories such as cool glasses
  • Lots of different shot types - close ups, medium shots, long shots, high angles, low angles, hand held, tilted/shaky angles
  • Random dancing/raving for drum n bass part at the end
  • Focusing mainly on the words for the rest of the song
Special effects:
  • Green screening/CGI for last section of song
  • Different colourful effects for other parts, lens filtering?
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